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I've been seeing this discussed alot around forums on the internet this past week, and while I look into each topic I see of this for CONFIRMED facts, alli ever find is fan speculation based off of faulty logic. Because it SEEMS that 'everyone' is finding shinies easily, some people have gone so far as to claim that the shiny encounter rate has down from 1/8192 all the way to a common 1/1000.

I don't think those odds were ever confirmed, but some random fan throwing a random number out there to explain so many shiny claims. Truth is, with sooo many people playing the games at once, people are bound to run into shinies early on or even multiple shinies based purely on luck alone. Even with the old odds it isn't strange, since there are waaaaaaaaaaaaay more then 8000 people playing or posting online. With MILLIONS of copies sold worldwide, is it really breaking the old odds if 50-100 or so people out of all of us have found a shiny or two already? Its just the fact that they are being reported easily on message forums where EVERYONE is sharing info on the new game due to lack of guides that people think its news. There's only the illusion that shinies are easier to find when in actuallity REPORTS of people finding shinies are easier to find due to most pokefans having internet access nowadays. Just think, if you never visited sites where fans DISCUSSED and THEOIZED about the game and stuck only to strict guide sites that only report proven facts and testable theories(like Serebii), you'd be none the wiser to this 'rumored' shiny encounter rate increase.

I mean, do you personally know anyone with the game that you don't chat with online having found a shiny or two already? Unlikely, and it would be the same for waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more people then you think.

Unless gamefreak confirms that shinies are easier to obtain besides the possible holdover feature of the pokeradar(which DID increase the shiny encounter rate all the way to 1/40 with a large enough chain in DPPT), then I will remain certain that it HASNT increased. Oh, and hackers/coders CANT disect the programming to confirm or bust the theory since no one has managed to hack the 3DS or any games made for it like past systems. So well only know if they somehow DO manage to do it or we are officially told.

As for testing the theory ourselves, its nearly impossible to prove since its all a matter of luck. Finding one or two shinies wouldn't prove the rate has increased any more then finding 1,000,000 non shiny pokemon in a row would prove that it had decreased. Its random odds and probability, and when the odds are high(even 1/1000) its hard to figure out EXACTLY what those odds are if you are given no clue whatsoever.

Even if I miraculously find another 5 random shinies before I beat the game, I'll attribute it to me having insane luck rather then shinies being easier to find, even if it DID somehow turn out to be true for random non radar encounters.


United States

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Thanks for the Watch! :) And you seem to be a Pokemon fan... If you aren't too far into the game(s) already, would you like to exchange friend codes? 
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Sure, I just found out where to find it.its 4098-3473-1242.
I'm still before the second gym since I prefer to explore and fill upmy pokedex rather thean rushing through the game fast. Especiallysince there isn't complete info on all areas and pokemon yet, so its fun to discover stuff myself.XD
snowjoe72 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2013
Same here. I'm on the route where you start finding Pancham and Furfrou. A lot. In case you didn't know, my character is a girl. I'm kinda at a dilemma now though... I just caught a Pancham and wanted to make him a permanent team member.......and now I got a Riolu through a trade. Pancham is lvl. 10, but Riolu is only lvl. 6....... But Riolu's evolution has a Mega evolution. But I've spent most of the day finding and training a girl Ralts. Also, the Skiddo I recently caught has to be trained more as well. And now I got a Pancham..... Which do you think I should train? Eddy the Pancham, or the traded Riolu?
Pinksneasel Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2013
Im probably the wrong one to ask, since i was raising a team of 14 and i still dont have my second badge. Which is INSANELY EASY with the exp. share turned on. but i cut 5 of them from the team since i only had a passing interest to train them, pancham being one since i already have combusken and will get chespin after the E4.

But for you, id say train neither and wait since youre given a lucario by a gym leader with its stone. and sans your kanto starter, is one of the few Mega evos you have acess to pre E4.
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